Facebook Fixing 'New Year's Midnight Delivery' Message Flaw


The social-networking company is "working on a fix for this issue now," it said in a statement.

A security flaw that had allowed Facebook users to view others "New Year's Midnight Delivery" messages is being fixed by the social-networking service, according to a statement from the company cited by multiple tech websites

The flaw was reportedly first pointed out by Jack Jenkins, who is described on a personal blog as a Business IT student. Facebook's "Midnight Delivery" is an app that can be installed that allows users to send a message to another person at midnight on New Year's eve. 

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According to Jenkins, by manipulating the Facebook ID "at the end of the URL of a sent message on the FacebookStories site, you are able to view other peoples Happy New Year messages." 

Facebook became aware of the flaw and is currently fixing the problem. "[W]e are working on a fix for this issue now, and in the interim we have disabled this app on the Facebook Stories site to ensure that no messages can be accessed," read a statement  to The Verge

During this writing, the Facebook "Midnight Delivery" page alternated between displaying correctly and listing that it was "undergoing some maintenance."

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