Felicity Huffman's Voiceover Before 'Anything Goes' Draws Laughs

The actress advises the audience not to text ("that's super-annoying"), part of an all-star ensemble doing preshow duties for L.A.'s Center Theatre Group.
Felicity Huffman
Felicity Huffman
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This story first appeared in the Dec. 14 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

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PBS made Laura Linney its madam of Masterpiece. Now L.A.'s Center Theatre Group might have outdone them by assembling an all-star cast of veteran CTG performers, including Alfred Molina and Jeff Goldblum, for its new preshow recorded announcements.

Felicity Huffman debuted her own endearingly self-aware voiceover address at the Ahmanson Theatre opening of Anything Goes on Nov. 28, advising the audience -- which included Seth MacFarlane and Lawrence Bender -- to refrain from texting (extended beat: "that's super-annoying"), take note of the exits (beat: "in case you hate the play") and, please, make a tax-deductible donation. After all, CTG hires "out-of-work actors like myself."