'Fifth Beatle' Biopic Secures Funding, Music Rights (Exclusive)

From left: George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Brian Epstein and John Lennon
From left: George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Brian Epstein and John Lennon
 Keystone/Getty Images

Broadway producer Vivek Tiwary can use hit Beatles songs in a $25 million film about tragic manager Brian Epstein; plus, THR has an exclusive first look at the script.

JOHN Did you think he was attractive, then?


JOHN The matador. That's why you like bullfighting.

BRIAN I like bullfighting because it's a beautiful, aggressive sport. At his final moment of triumph, the matador becomes death -- he kills the killing machine. But not before he gives the bull its glory; shows the world its beauty, its power, its majesty. He also gives the aficionados something to believe in, something to admire, and ultimately something to hate. So in the end, he gives people hope.

[Brian turns to face the sea before continuing wistfully.]

BRIAN (cont'd) He uplifts the arena, the city, the nation. Very beautiful... So yes, I suppose I do find him attractive, but not in the way you might think.

[A moment, and then John points offscreen.]

JOHN What about him, then?

BRIAN No. Too... clumsy.

JOHN What's that got to do with his looks?

BRIAN Everything!

JOHN Hmmh. Well, him then.

[John points at another.]

BRIAN Yes, him, very. Classic features. Elegant face.

JOHN And him? John points at another.

BRIAN Not so much.

JOHN You're mad. He's got all the birds!

BRIAN Women aren't naturally the best arbiters of taste. He's quite ordinary.

JOHN And that one?

[John points at another.]


JOHN Well we agree after all.

[John turns to face Brian.]

JOHN (CONT'D) And how about me? Do you find me attractive?

[In a rare moment of weakness, Brian turns to face John.]

[John looks deeply into Brian's eyes and holds his stare for an uncomfortable amount of time.]

JOHN Well.

[John turns back to face the ocean.]

JOHN (cont'd) It's too bad I'm not queer.


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