FIRST LOOK: Glee's Biggest, Craziest, Most Expensive Show Ever

 Joe Pugliese

The new Hollywood Reporter goes behind the scenes as the Fox hit relocates its already complicated production 3,000 miles away to NYC.


About 200 fans ring the north end of Washington Square Park on the final day of Glee's New York foray. Long a mecca for nonconformists, this is one of the busiest parks in the city. And that made it difficult to get permission to film here. As the cast marches down Fifth Avenue -- surrounded by security -- a wave of cheers erupts. Today, they shoot the final montage in the mashup. "They didn't really want us here," location manager Shane Haden says. "There were a lot of concerns about security and safety."

In fact, this location was only secured after the crew had arrived in New York. Says Haden: "We started off huge in Times Square. We had no idea what we were going to be up against, and it ended up going really well. The whole week has gone pretty well. So they were willing to give us a little more freedom toward the end of the week."

Several NYPD officers patrol inside the metal barriers while PAs are left to tame nearly a dozen paparazzi, who seem to be particularly rapacious today. One of them even turned up despite being in a foot cast. Some of the actors, especially Monteith, have taken to whipping out their phones and shooting their own pictures of their shutterbug stalkers. While the cast have been gracious toward their fans, waving and in Times Square running a gantlet to slap hands with them, the paparazzi have been a most persistent irritant.

Murphy doesn't mind. "I love that the paparazzi are here," he says. "They're being respectful." Adds castmember Amber Riley, "Going out on the street and being chased, you feel like a rock star a little bit."

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