Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl, Moby on the Summer of Stage Collapses

 Joey Foley/Getty Images

The recent rash of concert catastrophes is prompting lawsuits and calls for increased regulation, but will it impact next year's festivals and fairs? The industry weighs in.

Moby: "I’m actually surprised and happy it doesn’t happen more often. Right now, five or ten thousand stages for outdoor concerts have been hastily constructed. It speaks to the talent of most technicians that it doesn’t happen a few times a month. The footage on YouTube is just horrifying. But as tragic as [Indiana was], at least only six people died. Watching it, you'd think hundreds had died. It could have been even more of a tragedy... My reaction was the same as everybody's: sadness and horror."

Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx: "I have never seen anything like that [Indiana State Fair] video of the stage collapse. So sad that people went to hear music and lost their lives. Motley Crue has been in some bad weather, but never a truly dangerous situation. We played in Argentina recently and before we went on stage, they said, 'It’s the rainy season, not a big deal.' It was like being in a shower for two hours. Microphones and battery packs were going out. They said, 'It’s fine, keep playing.' But it was rather scary. [At another show] recently, there was a big electric storm, and they thought we'd need to cut the show short. It was an outdoor amphitheater, and in the end, we didn’t cut it short, but we were glad they took the precaution."

Lisa Hickey, Director of Marketing, C3 Presents (Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits): "The incidents that have occurred due to the extreme weather are heartbreaking and remind everyone that nature can be a very powerful and destructive force. As we prepare for our events, we work closely with all of our staging vendors to review current engineering specifications and wind plans. We also work with city planners and departments on our emergency preparedness and action plan to ensure both internal and external communication channels are in place in the event that inclement weather or other safety issues require action. The safety of our patrons, staff, and musicians is paramount and as always we will be keeping a close eye on weather conditions as we prepare for the upcoming ACL Festival."

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