Apple's Starring Roles on the Big and Small Screen (Photos)


Steve Jobs’ legacy reaches far beyond the tech sector with his products becoming prominent co-stars in entertainment.

How would Meg Ryan’s character have ever e-mailed with her anonymous love interest in You’ve Got Mail if it weren’t for the G3 PowerBook? What would The Office co-workers have fought over during Secret Santa if it weren’t for the iPod?

PHOTOS: Apple Products in TV and Movies

The entertainment world has been influenced in so many ways by the creations of Steve Jobs and Apple. Sometimes, a product, such as the iPad in Modern Family, even becomes a central character of an episode.

STORY: 'Footloose' Soundtrack to Feature Blake Shelton, Victoria Justice

In the upcoming Footloose remake, an iPod is worn by Ren McCormack (Kenny Wormald) as he rebuild his car, and even in the beginning of one of the most memorable dance scenes in film. What a change from the 1984 original.

While Apple products have been seen in many shows and movies over the years, there have been a memorable few in which the products have really affected the direction of the story.

View THR’s gallery of Apple products in TV and film here.

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