'Game of Thrones' Actor Wilko Johnson Diagnosed With Terminal Pancreatic Cancer

 Wilko Johnson/Facebook

Game of Thrones actor Wilko Johnson has been diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer.

His manager, Robert Hoy, made the announcement on Johnson's Facebook page on Wednesday. He wrote in a post: "I am very sad to announce that Wilko has recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer of the pancreas. He has chosen not to receive any chemotherapy."

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Hoy adds: "He is currently in good spirits, is not yet suffering any physical effects and can expect to enjoy at least another few months of reasonable health and activity."

Despite his illness, Johnson -- who plays Ser Ilyn Payne on the HBO drama -- still has big plans ahead of him.

"He has just set off on a trip to Japan; on his return we plan to complete a new CD, make a short tour of France, then give a series of farewell gigs in the U.K. There is also a live DVD in the pipeline, filmed on the last UK tour," Hoy wrote on Facebook.

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Johnson also was the former guitarist for the '70s band Dr. Feelgood.

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