'Gilmore Girls'-Inspired Shirts Available Online Ahead of Revival

Courtesy of Photofest

The most requested shirts so far are the "In Omnia Paratus," "Oy with the Poodles" and "Copper Boom" designs.

Gilmore Girls fans looking to stock up on fan gear before the show is revived on Netflix are in luck. Austin-based screen print shop Kindred Handicrafts is selling Gilmore Girls-inspired t-shirts.

The shirts come in a variety of colors with quotes from the beloved television series. Lorelai and Rory's "Copper Boom" inside joke is featured prominently on one shirt, as is Rory's famous run-in with a deer. Fans looking to show their support for Rory's love interests in the series are given multiple options for shirts about Dean, Jess and Logan. There's also a Lorelai and Luke option and a Hep Alien shirt.

Creator Jennie Whitaker tells Pret-a-Reporter the most requested shirts so far are the "In Omnia Paratus," "Oy with the Poodles" and "Copper Boom" designs. She and her husband Marcus are currently working on designing Valentine's Day "love" shirts for Logan, Dean, Jess, Luke and possibly even Max and Christopher. A "Solidarity Sister" shirt for V-Day is also in the works.

The husband and wife team launched the screen print business in late Dec. 2015. Kindred Handicrafts sells shirts for both men and women in v-neck and crew-neck styles. This week the company is launching a new tank top and "slouchy" t-shirt.

The company has already shipped shirts overseas to Australia, Canada and the U.K. and have also received requests from Brazil and India.

Kindred Handicrafts is working on filling requests from a variety of favorite lines from the series, including shirts that would say "Babette ate the Oatmeal," "Butt-Faced Miscreant" and "Where Did All the Anvils Go?" A rep says "Babette ate the Oatmeal" is the most requested shirt that has not been designed yet.

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