'Girls on Girls (+ One Guy)' Podcast: It All Ends at a Broadway Debut


Biggest lesson learned from Girls' season three finale? Don't barge in on actors just as they're about to hit the stage opening night. Hannah drops a potential relationship-ending bomb on Adam just before showtime, while Marnie cunningly parlays a James Taylor pick into face time with Desi. Meanwhile, Shosh literally comes short at graduation and Jessa learns a very special lesson about friendship and euthanasia.

#pretapodcasters Nicole Breanne, Jessie Katz, Brandon Kirby and Rebecca Sun bid adieu to this season of Girls, but tune in when the #GirlsOn series returns Sunday, April 13, with the debut of Girls on Men, where we talk AMC's Mad Men.

Listen below for the full audio of our farewell episode:

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