Google's April Fools' Joke: Search and Smell (Video)


Ever wondered what a ghost smells like? Or the inside of an Egyptian tomb?

Well, Google now has the answer for you.

The search-engine giant has launched Google Nose Beta, which will allow you to search and smell such things.

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"Google Search is incredibly powerful, and you can search for text across the Internet, most of human knowledge, images, books, videos, but we realized there was an important part of the search experience we'd overlooked," product manager Jon Wooly says in a newly posted video announcing the feature. (Watch below.)

As explained in the video, a new "smell" button allows users to get a whiff of whatever they're seeking out. How does it work? "By intersecting photons with infrasound waves, Google Nose Beta temporary aligns molecules to emulate a particular scent."

Of course, the whole thing doesn't exist. It's just the latest in long line of annual April Fools' Day jokes from the company. Others have included an eight-bit version of Google Maps designed for the original Nintendo; Gmail Tap, which utilizes Morse Code; Google Voice for Pets, which allows animals to type and send text messages; and Click-to-Teleport, a Chrome feature that lets users teleport to a business location from a search ad.

Incidentally, Google-owned YouTube also unveiled its own April Fools' joke Sunday (a day early), which revealed in a video that the company would be shutting down at midnight so its team of "30,000 technicians" could sift through all the clips posted to the site and choose the best video one. An actor playing a competition director stated that the winner would be announced in 2023, the year the site will go back online.

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