Grateful Dead's Music to Be Featured in Narrative-Style Film


The music of the Grateful Dead is headed for the big screen.

Talent agency ICM today announced that it has secured unprecedented access to the seminal band’s catalog and will package a narrative-style feature film featuring the Dead’s music.

Working closely with the Dead team, which includes band archivist David Lemieux and Mark Pinkus, GM of Grateful Dead properties at Warner Music Group’s Rhino Entertainment, will be ICM motion picture literary agent Bruce Kaufman, who was instrumental in bringing to the screen 20 re-recorded Beatles songs for the 2007 Julie Taymor film Across the Universe.

This marks the first time that the band has provided their full cooperation and support for a project of this scope.

In 2006, Grateful Dead signed a unique licensing agreement with Rhino Entertainment, granting Rhino exclusive management of the Grateful Dead’s intellectual property including music recordings, merchandise and other band-related licensing.


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