Groupon Pulls Ads From Donald Trump's 'Apprentice' Website

 Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Groupon said late Thursday that it is pulling its ads from the website of Donald Trump's NBC reality show The Apprentice to distance itself from the "political criticism" surrounding his potential presidential plans.

"Enough consumers have contacted us to warrant ensuring that we don't place ads on the Apprentice home page in the future," the company said in a post on its blog. "It's the same reason we don't run deals on guns or abortion ... this isn't a political statement, it's avoiding intentionally upsetting a segment of our customers."

Groupon never directly advertised on the show, but it does advertise indirectly with the broadcaster, NBC.

"We invest heavily in online advertising through networks that place ads on a rolling basis, meaning that we know one will appear on but not specifically which page," read the Groupon blog post. "We know that some advertising appeared on The Apprentice home page a few weeks ago."

Trump is considering a bid for the presidency. He has generated controversy by questioning President Obama’s U.S. citizenship. Obama released his birth certificate publicly Wednesday, as Trump was making political appearances in New Hampshire. Trump claimed credit for Obama’s actions.

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