Hollywood Hyper-Networkers Trying Out New Address-Book App


Humin, which developed technology to help people manage their phone's contacts, is giving the industry early access before its public launch.

This story first appeared in the June 6 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

Hollywood has become the testing ground for a new address book app catering to hyper-networkers. Humin, which developed technology to help people manage their phone's contacts, is giving Los Angeles' creative community early access to the app in the hopes that all those business lunches and premieres will help fine-tune the product before its public launch.

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"L.A. is the community that understands this challenge better than anyone else," says Humin CEO Ankur Jain. "Assistants for all the agents were some of the first people who emailed us asking for access to the app." Jain co-founded San Francisco-based Humin in 2012 to develop a better way to organize the modern-day inundation of phone numbers, email addresses and online profiles.

The app integrates with social media and email calendars to keep track of when and how contacts meet to make searching for people easier than using a standard alphabetical address book (examples of a search: "met at Soho House"). It even reminds users to call or text when old pals visit.

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Humin launched privately in January and has started rolling out to select groups in L.A., including Silicon Beach entrepreneurs and employees of Universal Music Group (the firm is a strategic partner), Troy Carter's Atom Factory and hospitality firm SBE Entertainment. Says Toby Blue, COO for will.i.am's business ventures, "Humin can put all our relationships into context of what we're doing, which is quite an achievement."

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