Hollywood Nutritionist's 3-Day Plan to Get Slim for the Red Carpet

Kimberly Snyder, whose clients include Ben Stiller and Drew Barrymore, says you can still eat at Chipotle - but you have to know what to order.

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This story first appeared in the Jan. 18 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

Feel like your busy schedule makes it impossible to eat well? You’re in luck: Kimberly Snyder -- who opened her Glow Bio Juice Shop in Los Angeles in November and just launched a new cleanse ( -- shares with THR a three-day plan for L.A.’s harried executives who still want to eat healthy. Not only will it makeyou more energetic, but you’ll almost certainly shed a few pounds. Proof that her advice is legit: Drew Barrymore and Ben Stiller are clients and devotees of her book, The Beauty Detox Solution. Ready, set, slim!

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Day One


Grab an apple, chockablock with healthy enzymes and satiating fiber. Wait 30 minutes before eating again to prevent bloating. Then buy or make oatmeal. Fresh from the stove is best, but low-sugar instant varieties (like Arrowhead Mills Original Plain Instant) are OK, too. (320 calories total; all calorie counts are approximate)


Veggie sticks. Chewing crunchy foods eases tension; the rhythmic munching releases serotonin. (50 calories)


Hit a Whole Foods salad bar. Fill your container mostly with greens like raw kale, then choose gluten-free quinoa or millet, plus veggies. Forget grilled chicken: You get enough protein from a plant-based meal. Red meat, poultry and fish are hard to digest, and eating them regularly can cause kidney damage. (500 calories)


Vending machine paging you? Go for the fiber and minerals in a pack of almonds. In a perfect world, they would be raw and unsalted, but do the best you can. (170 calories)


Need to order in? Get the Asian Veggies in a bowl from The Counter (12 locations in the L.A area), with carrots, pineapple, scallions, and ginger soy glaze. Go for vinaigrette instead of high-fat peanut sauce. (530 calories)

TOTAL: 1,570 calories

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Day Two


Start with a Glowing Green Foundation bundle ($27.68) from my Glow Bio juice shop (7473 Melrose Ave.). It includes a Glowing Green Smoothie, which contains 100 percent greens, apple, pear, banana and lemon. It’s full of fiber and maintains blood sugar while flushing toxins. My friend Fergie swears by it. Next take the LemonAid Probiotic shot. (Save the Glowing Green Juice and Power Green Juice for snacks later.) (260 calories)


At Chipotle, order the salad with fajita vegetables, romaine, black beans, and guacamole. Hold the cheese. (540 calories)


Want something hot? Order a Passion tea at Starbucks. It’s caffeine-free and strangely satisfying. Have a small piece of chocolate as well.

(150 calories)


At Tower Bar (8358 W. Sunset Blvd.), start with the organic greens, but hold the Reggiano cheese. The house-made hummus and sauteed spinach (with light oil) could team up to be your entree, or get the trout with cauliflower puree ($38).(550-600 calories)

TOTAL: 1,500-1,550 calories

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Day Three


Stop by a Gelson’s and pick up a So Delicious blueberry coconut-milk yogurt. I recommend taking a break from dairy to see how much better you feel and how much better your skin feels. (Some research has linked dairy to acne.) I’m also a fan of bananas, packed with belly-flattening potassium and B vitamins. (205 calories)


Roll avocado slices into romaine hearts, the quickest wrap ever. (140 calories)


At Baja Fresh, get the Baja Insalata with beans, but hold the Cotija cheese and get the dressing on the side. (450 calories)


Have some anti-oxidant-rich blueberries. (80 calories a cup)


Before a premiere at Grauman’s, duck into California Pizza Kitchen at the Hollywood & Highland center and order the Roasted Veggie Salad (dressing on the side). The gluten-free pick includes avocado, artichoke hearts and asparagus. (600 calories)

TOTAL: 1,475 calories

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