Hollywood Shares Comic-Con Tales, Trivia and Tips

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The geek convention regulars and newbies dish on their dream panels, most memorable fans and best disguises.

HOW A TRUE BLOOD STAR WENT UNDERCOVER AT COMIC-CON: Actress Deborah Ann Woll reveals in first person how she hid in plain sight in 2010

My boyfriend, E.J. Scott, and I like to go to panels and meet the artists, and we couldn't do that with me getting mobbed by fans of the show. I figured a good way to have my own experience there would be to dress up and get in the spirit of Comic-Con and hide.

We wanted to come up with something that would cover most of my features but also be comfortable because it's a long day, and you're sitting in these rooms listening to people talk for hours. We had seen Kick-Ass and loved it and thought Hit-Girl was a fun character for me to do. We ended up getting a good purple wig and black mask.

People wound up taking pictures with me as Hit-Girl, having no idea that they were also taking pictures with Jessica Hamby from True Blood, which I thought was a cool double surprise. It was fun to be anonymous and have people enjoy the costume, rather than the celebrity of it. We went Wednesday through Sunday, and the only day I didn't dress up was the day of the True Blood panel. My favorite panel, RiffTrax, was after True Blood, so I rushed backstage, changed into my Hit-Girl outfit, stuffed my designer dress in a duffel bag and ran out.

A lot of people figured it out; they got that I was trying to be incognito and be able to pursue the Con without having to stop every minute to talk to fans. It gave most of them a fun memory -- like that they figured it out, and they had pride in that. It was an effective idea and I'll do it again, but it won't be Hit-Girl. I've got a new costume that I don't think anyone else will have. I won't reveal it, but it's related to both film and television.

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