Imax Hires Marc de Grandpre to Oversee 3D Home Viewing Marketing

 Mike Stobe/Getty Images

TORONTO – Imax has unveiled a new marketing boss, Marc de Grandpre, a former Red Bull energy drink and Qualcomm mobile exec.

Toronto-based Imax is putting its global branding and marketing efforts in de Grandpre’s hands as chief marketing officer while the large format exhibitor continues to expand internationally.

Imax CEO Richard Gelfond said de Grandpre will help the company pursue new business opportunities beyond the multiplex, including 24/7 3D viewing in the home in partnership with Discovery.

"He (de Grandpre) will help us determine new paths that can tap into the emotional connection consumers have with the Imax experience,” Gelfond said in a statement.

Most recently, de Grandpre was chief marketer for Qualcomm's Firethorn division, developing and launching a new mobile commerce brand.

He earlier worked with Red Bull North America and in marketing at Bauer Nike Hockey.

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