Iowa Caucus Showdown Sparks Comedic Reactions

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In the closest race ever in the Iowa Caucuses, Mitt Romney beat Rick Santorum by a margin of eight votes, causing Rick Perry to suspend his campaign and leaving a bitter taste in Newt Gingrich's mouth.

Gingrich blamed attack ads, funded by super PACs supported by Romney followers, for his poor showing of 13% of the vote; Gingrich's remarks, as well as the entirety of the GOP candidates' battle for Iowa, elicited a torrent of comments from pundits on Twitter as they gave the play-by-play of Tuesday's showdown.

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With typical biting sarcasm The Daily Show's account wrote: "#TDSBreakingNews @NewtGingrich calls @MittRomney a liar. Romney returns fire, calls his revial 'Newt Gingrich.' #harsh."

In another humorous tweet, the Jon Stewart-hosted Comedy Central show said, "Tonight, someone will win the . Everyone else ate all that fried crap for nothing."

Meanwhile, Stewart's fellow pundit on the cable network, Stephen Colbert, projected the mock ignorance of his conservative alter ego.

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"I learned a lot covering the Iowa caucuses," Colbert enthused on the micro-blogging site. "For instance: Iowa and Idaho are not the same place. Uh oh, I'm becoming a geography nerd!"

Donald Trump took the opportunity to project -- or parody? -- his trademark egotism.

"It's no wonder @RickSantorumis surging in Iowa - he agreed to participate in the Newsmax-@iontv debate!," Trump tweeted, referencing the Republican presidential debate of which he was dropped as moderator.

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ABC News' Diane Sawyer was less cynical than her Twitter brethren.

"Tonight: Iowa does democracy. A simple piece of a paper- the name of your vote- surrounded by neighbors. What is more empowering than that?" she wrote.

With Romney's Iowa victory, and Santorum gaining momentum in the polls, the candidates -- including Gingrich, Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul -- and are moving on to their next destinations in New Hampshire and South Carolina.








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