Jared Leto to Narrate 'TT3D: Closer to the Edge'


LONDON -- Jared Leto, actor and lead singer with Thirty Seconds to Mars, will narrate TT3D: Closer to the Edge, a 3D movie about the TT, the world-famous annual motorcycle race that takes place on the Isle of Man.

Leto signed up for the voice job after seeing an early cut of the film.

Scheduled to roar into theaters here in 3D in April this year, the movie follows the leading riders in the 2010 race.

Leto said the movie “celebrates this infamous event and the legendary spirit of the men and women who push themselves beyond the limit to places few could even imagine.”

The picture is directed by Richard de Aragues, produced by Steve Christian and Marc Samuelson and was shot and will be released in 3D with backing from Isle of Man production and finance bannerCinemaNX.

Racing along public roads on bikes just inches apart -- with speeds hitting 200mph -- lends itself to drama, tension and tragedy for the movie.

The film follows Guy Martin and Ian Hutchinson, two of the riders in last year’s race with contrasting styles. Martin is billed as a lovable rogue who doesn’t play by the rules while Hutchinson is dedicated, focused and works hard to stay at the top.

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