Jay-Z's 'Tom Ford' Song on 'Magna Carta' Flatters Designer

The rapper's third track on his latest album is named after the famed designer.
Jay-Z, left, and Tom Ford
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From Kanye West to Nicki Minaj, rappers often name-check fashion designers on their tracks. However, it’s quite a rarity that they name an entire song after them.

Designer Tom Ford recently achieved the feat with a whole track named after him and his label on Jay-Z’s “Magna Carta Holy Grail.” And he's thrilled about it.

And the Ford name-dropping doesn’t stop with the title “Tom Ford.” Jay uses Ford's name in the chorus, rapping several times, "I don't pop Molly / I rock Tom Ford." "Molly" is slang for a pure form of the drug MDMA or ecstasy. The designer's pieces are Jay-Z's drugs.

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"I am completely flattered,” Tom Ford tells Billboard. “I mean, come on, who would not want a Jay-Z song named after them?" The union between Jay and Ford seems like a perfect creative marriage: a top tier music mogul paired with one of the biggest name in fashion.

Jay-Z’s clearly a huge Ford fan. He rocked head-to-toe Tom Ford in the video for “Suit & Tie,” his collaboration with Justin Timberlake on the singer's "The 20/20 Experience" album.

Wife Beyonce jokingly sported a Ford shoe days ago, snapping a picture of her right foot in a baby-sized magenta Tom Ford kitten heel, custom created for their daughter, Blue Ivy. It's all in the family.

What next for this innovative music and fashion duo? Perhaps a possible Jay and Ford capsule collection? We can dream.

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Jay-Z’s “Magna Carta Holy Grail” was released to Samsung phone users via app on July 4, but hits stores for the masses tomorrow (July 9).

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