Jeffrey Katzenberg Meets With South Korean President About Possible Collaborations

Jeffrey Katzenberg
Jeffrey Katzenberg

SEOUL — South Korean President Park Geun-hye said there will be opportunities for DreamWorks Animation to work with Korea on governmental and/or corporate levels during a meeting with the studio's CEO, Jeffrey Katzenberg, on Friday.

"DreamWorks animations such as Kung Fu Panda combine computer graphics with traditional storytelling techniques, and this holds great meaning in that they fuse technology with arts/culture,"  Park said during the meeting held at the presidential residence Cheongwadae (Blue House).

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"I think there will be many opportunities in the future for [the Korean] government or corporations to collaborate with DreamWorks, to work toward building a creative economy," she said, referring to economic effects of fusing information technology and innovative endeavors.

The head of state has been pushing for a vision dubbed "creative economy," which calls for revamping the economy by creating innovative business and job opportunities through merging IT, arts/culture and other industries.

Katzenberg recently told Korean reporters that a large portion of DreamWorks' TV series Turbo is being produced in Korea and is seeking other innovative business opportunities here.

Toward the end of the meeting with the Korean president, he invited her to visit the DreamWorks studio in Los Angeles, to which the president replied, "I would love to visit some day."

The CEO also asked Park about her thoughts on the political chaos in Washington. "Politics is creating problems in all countries," she said, adding with a whimsical note, "Politicians would have a change of heart if they went on a field trip to the DreamWorks studio."

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Meanwhile, Katzenberg visited local amusement park Everland over the weekend. The visit was primarily to watch Madagascar Live, a musical that DreamWorks co-produced with the theme park located in the outskirts of Seoul.

The musical has attracted more than 800,000 admissions since its launch in July 2012, becoming the most successful performance hosted by Everland since the theme park's opening in 1976. Katzenberg watched the production with Kim Bong-yeong, CEO of Samsung Everland, and also took part in a safari tour and watched a K-pop "hologram concert."

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