J.P. Morgan Conference: Zynga Wringing Most Growth From Mobile Gaming


TORONTO - Social gaming giant Zynga is seeing most of its growth these days from smartphone games and the purchase of mobile apps.

Zynga CFO Dave Wehner told the J.P. Morgan Global Technology, Media and Telecom Conference on Wednesday that the majority of bookings and revenue growth is coming from the mobile gaming space, especially the IOS and Android platforms, compared with web gaming.

And with smartphones increasingly fitted with digital wallets, the social games publisher behind Facebook games like FarmVille and CityVille sees an opportunity to increase its payer penetration among gamers.

“There’s a ton of connected wallets out there, people who are available as potential players and payers,” Wehner told the Boston investors conference.

Zynga launched four new mobile games during its latest financial quarter.

Despite that expansion, the San Fransisco-based company still has a small share of a competitive mobile gaming market.

“We’re one, if not the top game player, on smartphones. And yet we have a modest share. So we have a huge opportunity to grow the share in mobile,” Wehner said.

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