Justin Bieber Speaks Out About Losing Best New Artist at Grammys

 Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Justin Bieber is bummed he lost Best New Artist to jazz musician Esperanza Spalding.

"I had no clue what was going to happen," he tells MTV News. "I worked really hard these past few years and - I am not gonna lie - I was disappointed, but I'm gonna come back next year and we'll take a few home."
Shortly after Spalding's surprise upset, her Wikipiedia page was hacked, purportedly by Bieber fans. (Some changed her middle name to "Justin"; while another edit read that she won even though "no one has heard of her."
But Bieber has no problem with Spalding.
Backstage, they traded compliments: "I like your hair," he said. She told him, "I like YOUR hair."
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