Kelsey Grammer to Give Up Acting for Politics - Eventually

 Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Kelsey Grammer is considering running for office in New York.

The former Frasier star and Republican (who campaigned on the road for John McCain in 2008) tells the New York Post he may give up acting eventually to focus on politics.

"I have had a great career and extraordinary opportunities," he says. "But I look at my political aspirations as that last piece of my life -- where I hope to do something good for people and pay back a little."

"You certainly have to have a resilient ego," Grammer says, adding that he'd need a "narcissistic personality" for it to work.

He plays the mayor of Chicago in his newest show, Boss, which premiers on Starz this fall.

Speaking of traditionally liberal Hollywood, Grammer -- who put up funds to help launch small cable channel Rightnetwork last fall -- says, "It is not unfamiliar for me to have a point of view that might be considered out of the norm in my community."

But he's relocated from L.A. to New York, he says, and would want to run here, he tells the Post. He did not give any indication as to when he'd enter the political fray.

"Even the solution they are talking about now -- the 10-year, $3-trillion solution -- that has to be paid for. Nobody is talking about actually getting rid of the debt that exists already," he says. "That doesn't make any sense. It's first-grade math."

He says he decided to run after recovering from a minor heart attack three years ago.

"I spent several months sort of looking at my own life," he says. "And I just decided I didn't want to have [Hank,  which was quickly canceled on Fox last year] be my last story."

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