Kim Kardashian's Wedding Special: What the Viewers Are Saying

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The first part of E!'s two-night, four-hour Kim Kardashian wedding special, Kim's Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event, aired on Sunday night weeks after the nuptials took place in Southern California.

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Viewers were interested in seeing what led up to Kardashian's wedding to New Jersey Nets basketball player Kris Humphries, with one person admitting, "Watched ten minutes of kim kardashians wedding episode and I can't deal. Over the kardashian world."

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But not everyone was feeling her pain. In fact, several confessed to tuning in to satisfy their curiosity, while others thought about what the future held for the newlyweds, who made a joint appearance on the Tonight Show With Jay Leno recently.

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Kardashian's wedding took place Aug. 20 (the couple was engaged in May) and some of the guests included Lindsay Lohan and Eva Longoria.

Here are some viewer reactions from Sunday's telecast on Twitter:

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Kim Kardashian should have had a black wedding dress..there is NOTHING pure about her body

Courtney Shilo
watching the Kardashian just wanted to get married it ain't gon last long

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Not to be negative, but I'm gonna make an educated guess and say that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries won't be married long.

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Jumata Emill Jones
Anybody watching the Kim Kardashian wedding special please unfollow me!

Ben Kouyaté
Kim kardashian is a blessing from jesus.

Shawnta Joseph
Watching the Kim Kardashian fairytale wedding. Got me thinking when me and @TOUGHLOVEKB gon get married .

Johnny Linares
Personally I think the Kim Kardashian wedding is stupid. But her marketing team is genius! That is marketing at its best. #kimkwedding

Larry Ysaguirre
Can't wait for Kim Kardashian to get divorced so we can see Season 2 of Kim's Fairytale Wedding.

alex labelle
Kim Kardashian is getting a divorce? She got married like 2 weeks ago...what the heck.

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Watching the kim kardashian wedding special and splitting a bottle of red wine with my fiance!!!!!!!

Laura F
Watched ten minutes of kim kardashians wedding episode and I can't deal. Over the kardashian world

Jay R
Kim Kardashian husband look like that one dude off of Twilight

Bobbi Dreu
Not 100% Confident in Kim Kardashian Wedding.

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