Kristen Bell Talks Complicated Choreography of Sex Scenes in 'The Lifeguard' (Video)

Kristen Bell, known for playing the titular character in TV series and upcoming film Veronica Mars, steps outside her comfort zone for the upcoming film The Lifeguard.

Bell plays a 29-year-old reporter who decides to leave her bustling life in New York to move back into her parents' suburban home and become a lifeguard. There she rekindles friendships with her high school buds and starts a relationship with a 16-year-old.

VIDEO: 'The Lifeguard' Trailer: Kristen Bell Moves Back Home

Bell spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about the film, revealing that she found the intimate sex scenes the most difficult part of filming.

"I had never done a scene as graphic as my intimate scenes in this movie," she tells THR. "There was a lot of choreography involved."

Co-star Mamie Gummer, who plays Bell's character's best friend from high school adds: "I think you can psych yourself out because you can imagine all the things that could go wrong."

Bell says being in those scenes really made her think about why nudity has such a stigma in this society.

"It also adds to the thought behind all this prim-and-proper idea that we have body parts that we don't talk about, we don't touch, we shouldn't look at," she says.

The Lifeguard, directed by Liz W. Garcia and distributed by Screen Media Films and Focus World, is available on VOD and opens in theaters Aug. 30.

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