First Look: 'L.A. Fadeaway' by Jordan Okun (Exclusive)


L.A. Fadeaway, the debut novel from Jordan Okun set in the world of Hollywood talent agencies, goes on sale next week.

The Hollywood Reporter has a first look at the opening two chapters of the book that is drawing comparisons to such great Hollywood-set novels as What Makes Sammy Run? and Less Than Zero, which puts it in heady company. 

The story follows a young agent trainee as he navigates the treacherous world of Hollywood talent agencies, encountering abusive bosses, backstabbing fellow trainees, unhappy trophy wives on the prowl and an assorted cast of hustlers and hanger-ons along the way.

L.A.Fadeaway is packed with knowing insider detail--unsurprising since Okun was also once an agent trainee--from a rundown on the status of various lunch spots to the hierarchy of seating at a Lakers game. 

The over-the-top behavior and weird habits of the agents and executives the narrator encounters as he tries to move from trainee to junior agent will have insiders trying to guess who is based on real life and who is just a product of Okun's imagination.

L.A. Fadeaway (Touchstone/Simon & Schuster, $15) goes on sale Tuesday, Sept. 11.

Read the first two chapters here. 

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