Outside Lands: A Rock Festival Fit For Foodies

Andalu's Mac & Cheese
Andalu's Mac & Cheese
 Jeff Miller

You won't find any mystery meat or processed cheese at this annual San Francisco music gathering, which features selections from some of the Bay Area's finest restaurants.

Asqew Grill's chicken skewer


The restaurant: Asqew Grill, a four-location chain that couples skewers of meat with appropriate starches.

The dish: A doused-in-sauce BBQ chicken skewer, with what seemed to be a pound of garlic mashed potatoes.

Best paired with: Surprisingly, the psychedelic rockers MGMT, who could have used a little pep in their step; though songs like “Electric Feel” sounded great, they seemed to be missing something -- just like the too-dry chicken, which unfortunately didn't come with the roasted corn it's skewered with in-stores.

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