Lionsgate Announces Slate of Microbudget Films

"Gay Dude," "Rapture-palooza" and "6 Miranda Drive" are among the movies that will be made for under $2 million.

Lionsgate has announced its initial slate of microbudget films.

Comedy Gay Dude, coming of age tale Rapture-palooza and thriller 6 Miranda Drive are among the movies that will be made for under $2 million.

Up to 10 films will be produced each year under the microbudget umbrella, which was conceived and structured by Sean Kisker, Lionsgate’s EVP of strategic planning and operations.  Lionsgate’s Matt Kaplan is spearheading implementation and overseeing the productions.

“Microbudget films involve minimal overhead and very little risk, but a potentially high reward. This initiative allows us to add another layer to our slate of movies that work both financially and creatively," says Joe Drake, president of the motion picture group at Lionsgate, in a statement.
“When we look at the films that have broken out over the past few years, it’s clear that movie-goers are hungry for fresh stories told in bold ways," says Kaplan. "That means big, distinctive concepts, but it also means focusing on the humanity of the story. All the movies we greenlight will push the envelope of what we've seen on screen. The low-budget aspect definitely imposes some constraints, but also forces us to find our value in great characters, explosive situations and excellent writing. And we’re excited that some of the best in the creative community are eager to jump in with us.”

Full descriptions of the movies on page 2:

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