Literary Agent Roundtable: 'Even the Bad Movies Sell Editions'

New York's top book agents on Schwarzenegger's flop, the Lena Dunham-Gawker spat and why Hollywood loves "The Fault in Our Stars."

THR: Is there a James Patterson effect on publishing? He released 13 books in 2012.

SIMONOFF: There used to be a sense that an author couldn't publish more than two books a year. Then James Patterson just smashed down the wall.

THR: What's the secret for media people crossing over into becoming successful authors? Take Bill O'Reilly, for instance.

FLETCHER: Bill has such a strong point of view, and I think there's a real advantage in the space he's in to have a very strong voice.

SIMONOFF: It goes back to Keith Richards -- wanting to do it and do it well. He wants to make history interesting. He wants people to read them essentially as if they're thrillers. He's also on TV every day. That helps.

THR: Sloan, your client Lauren Weisberger has The Devil Wears Prada sequel, Revenge Wears Prada, coming out this summer. Has Anna Wintour attempted to influence the book?

HARRIS: To her credit, not in the least.

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