Why Hollywood Should Buy the Dodgers (Analysis)

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Previous owner News Corp. -- or another media conglomerate such as Time Warner, Comcast or Disney -- could benefit the most from owning the storied franchise, writes guest columnist Darren Rovell of CNBC.

Will Bob Daly Make a Play for the Dodgers?

The former Warner Bros. studio head, who ran the team from 1999 until News Corp. sold the boys in blue in 2004, would be a natural fit to front an ownership bid. But don't expect Daly to return to that plate again.

"I don't go down the same road twice," says Daly, adding that the baseball lifestyle drained him. "When they won, I was too excited to sleep. And when they lost, I was too depressed to sleep," he says.

Now the chairman of AFI and president of investment consulting firm Rulemaker Inc., Daly also doubts whether an entertainment figure will emerge as a buyer.

"A lot of people talk in Hollywood, but when push comes to shove, they don't step up," he says. "There were not a lot of buyers in 2004, and there were zero buyers in Los Angeles."

-- Matthew Belloni


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