My Fantasy Night With 'Mad Men's' Joan

"Mad Men's" Joan
"Mad Men's" Joan

MARLENE KING: My Friend Joan

Friends disappoint each other. No one's perfect, and we expect it. So why was I as distressed as Don Draper when Joan Holloway prostituted herself for a partnership at the agency? I felt a wave of sadness wash over me as I watched her follow through with the decision to sleep with a mildly repugnant car dealer for 5 percent of Sterling Cooper and voting rights on the board. The thing about Joan is, my adoration for her is unconditional, and I forgave her immediately. This is what my Sunday-night friend has taught me to do. I've watched her not survive but thrive in a world that objectifies women and belittles their contributions. Shoulders back, head held high, she struts forward through the sleek halls of the agency, never looking back. She's got the guts and has earned the glory. And let's face it, Joan has manned up more than any Mad Man in Manhattan. What is a friend if not someone who inspires us? She is grace. She is dignity. She is Joan. I raise my martini to toast her success. Congrats, Joan. You deserve everything they give you. And I think we might wear the same size. Can I borrow that red dress?

King is executive producer of ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars


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