Martin Scorsese Directs Siri in New iPhone Ad (Video)


You talkin' to Siri?

The iPhone 4S's "intelligent personal assistant" is showcased in a new commercial starring Martin Scorsese. The directing great is just the latest celebrity to appear in one of the Apple ads, in a campaign that has shown Zooey Deschanel, Samuel L. Jackson and John Malkovich cozying up -- sometimes uncomfortably so -- to the electronic concierge.

In the new spot, the director of Hugo, Goodfellas and, appropriately enough, Taxi Driver sits in a New York City cab, ordering Siri to rearrange meetings, locate a friend named Rick, and call up real-time traffic reports -- the last feature being a rumored upgrade to the phone's upcoming iOS 6 operating system.

"I like you, Suri," Scorsese says. "You're going places."

This wouldn't be the first time the director has starred in a major TV campaign: He famously micromanaged the staff of a One Hour Photo in a spot for American Express.

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