Maya Rudolph's New Prince Cover Band to Headline L.A.'s Largo

Maya Rudolph on "SNL"
Maya Rudolph on "SNL"
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The debut of "Princess" follows "SNL" skit "The Prince Show," plus a September gig with The Roots.

This story first appeared in the Nov. 2 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

Maya Rudolph did some very convincing song-and-dance moves during her (purple) reign on Saturday Night Live -- even emulating a flamboyant Beyonce as Prince's sidekick on a famed skit called "The Prince Show." (Fred Armisen did a very convincing Prince, even belting out the hits in the famous falsetto.)

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But now Rudolph's stepping into the purple suit herself. The Up All Night actress actually has started a Prince cover band called, appropriately, Princess.

Rudolph performed Prince songs in September with The Roots at the Brooklyn Bowl during bandleader Questlove's stint there.

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Rudolph's spokeswoman confirms she'll be headlining L.A.'s Largo on Nov. 10, though not with The Roots.

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