MIPCOM: TV 'Fargo' Won't Feature Frances McDormand's Character, Says MGM Studios Exec

A scene from the movie version of "Fargo"
A scene from the movie version of "Fargo"

CANNES – Fargo, the Oscar-winning movie from the Coen brothers, is getting its own TV series.

But FX viewers shouldn't expect to see Minnesota sheriff Marge Gunderson, played by Frances McDormand, brought back to life.

"She's [Gunderson] not in it. It's not a retelling of the same story, because on so many levels that would be foolish," Roma Khanna, president of the television group and digital at MGM Studios, said Tuesday during a Media Mastermind keynote at MIPCOM.

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The FX reboot will feature Sherlock co-star Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton in the modern retelling to be executive produced by Joel and Ethan Coen.

But just taking titles from the MGM library like Fargo and remaking them was unacceptable, Khanna insisted. If anything, the MGM exec isn't about to mess with success.

"[Fargo] was done so perfectly the first time around," she said.

STORY: 'Sherlock's' Martin Freeman to Star in FX's 'Fargo'

And with the Coen brothers' creation being more a "state of mind," Khanna said the FX TV adaptation needed an old story told in a new way.

MGM Television has similarly updated Teen Wolf, which was headlined by Michael J. Fox in the 1985 movie, for MTV with new star Tyler Posey.

"The original Teen Wolf film was very campy and fun and a little silly. The TV series is dark and sexy and aggressive in ways," Khanna said.

Besides plucking titles from the MGM film vault for TV treatment, the studio is also developing and co-producing original TV series like Vikings for History.

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