Miramax, Facebook Launch Largest-Scale Streaming Movie App to Date

 Miramax Films/Courtesy Everett Collection

NEW YORK - Miramax is launching the largest-scale Facebook streaming movie app to-date, PaidContent reported.

It is the latest step in CEO Mike Lang's attempt to make money off the studio's library in digital form.

Miramax will kick off its Facebook offer with 20 titles for rent in the U.S. and 10 each in the U.K. and Turkey, according to PaidContent. France and Germany are expected to follow in the near future.

Facebook users will be able to rent for 30 days such Miramax titles as Chicago, Cold Mountain and Good Will Hunting, for 30 Facebook credits, the equivalent of $3, according to the report. Rentals will expire 48 hours after a user has started viewing a title.

Titles limited to the U.S. for now due to rights issues include No Country for Old Men and Pulp Fiction.

Warner Bros., Viacom's Paramount Pictures and NBCUniversal's Universal have each previously announced different iterations of Facebook movie offers.

The Miramax films rented on Facebook can  be watched on an iPad and on Google TV.


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