Moët Ice Impérial Champagne Launches at Cannes (Cannes 2011)

The Impérial exudes a crisp freshness with the right hint of tropical fruits.

Leave it to the grand house of Moët & Chandon to come up with something bold and daring.

Launching at Bâoli Beach, is Moët Ice Impérial. Yes champagne “with” ice. Impérial is specifically vinified to be sipped with ice and served not in a flute but in a white wine glass. And that’s what you’ll be served at the Impérial Ice Bar, if you are fortunate enough to score an invite to Moët’s Sunset Cocktail soirees from 6.30-8.30 p.m. during the festival.

The Impérial exudes a crisp freshness with just the right hint of tropical fruits. The sommelier suggested we try it with a mint leaf, rind of lime or a sliver of ginger (the kind that comes with sushi). I went for the ginger, and wow, was that  a heady experience!

Clearly targeted to be served at fashionable beaches and swank swimming pools, the bubbly comes in a virginal white lacquered bottle with a black tie and gold label.

Trés chic!

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