More Than 74,000 People Apply to Be Charlie Sheen's Intern

 Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Want to be Charlie Sheen's intern?

The competition is steep.

After the former Two and a Half Men star posted an ad on Twitter for the gig-- his first paid endorsement for -- more than 74,000 from 181 countries around the world applied, a rep from the company tells

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When asked about any potential risks associated with working for Sheen -- who has, in recent days, waved a machete around from a rooftop and bragged about "banging 7-gram rocks" of drugs -- the rep demurred, "We always encourage candidates to research the company and position they're applying for."

Sheen continued his media tour Wednesday morning, weighing in on Rob Lowe replacing him on the CBS hit, and half-apologizing to co-star Jon Cryer, whom he slammed as a "troll" Tuesday.

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