'MythBusters' Host Jamie Hyneman Logs 30,000 Followers on First Day of Twitter Account

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The Discovery personality tells THR, "I like getting 25k followers for one tweet. That'd be a good ratio to keep."

MythBusters host Jamie Hyneman launched his first Twitter account Tuesday and gained more than 30,000 followers within seven hours.

Using the handle "JamieNoTweet," the TV personality and special effects technician's first tweet read, "New season starts tonight at 9pm E/P #MythBusters. Does that qualify as a first tweet? (tap tap) is this thing on?"

Hyneman told The Hollywood Reporter via email that he joined the social network at the behest of his MythBusters co-hort Adam Savage, "Adam finally wore me down. That's why I joined."

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Savage, who posts messages under "donttrythis," has more than 500,000 followers on his Twitter account.

Savage announced Hyneman's participation Tuesday, "ATTENTION!!! MR. HYNEMAN IS NOW ON TWITTER. You can follow him @JamieNoTweet (he probably won't reply to you. Just sayin')."

He later noted, "Wow. @JamieNoTweet has 6400 followers in 18 minutes. Doesn't seem that thrilled. http://lockerz.com/s/14."

Hyneman isn't sure whether he'll keep JamieNoTweet strictly about business or mix in some personal details. He told THR, "Not exactly sure at this point. Like everything else I plan to make it up as I go along."

The beret-wearing host did, however, shared his Twitter traffic goals with THR, "I like getting 25k followers for one tweet. That'd be a good ratio to keep."

The MythBusters also launched a Facebook account Tuesday, “Jamie and Adam.”

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