New ASCAP Program Delivers Royalties for Live Performances

ASCAP member Bonnie Raitt onstage
ASCAP member Bonnie Raitt onstage
 Getty Images

ASCAP on Monday announced the launch of ASCAP OnStage, a public-performance survey that gives members an opportunity to receive royalties when their music is performed live at venues throughout the U.S.

With ASCAP OnStage, writer members can notify the performing-rights organization of live performances of their work via Member Access at and, beginning in November, ASCAP Mobile. After a member provides details of the performance and a list of the performed songs, a royalty based upon venue license fees is then distributed to the writers and publishers of the songs as part of their quarterly ASCAP distribution.

“ASCAP OnStage augments our already robust survey and distribution system,” ASCAP executive vp membership Randy Grimmett said. “It offers our many active members an opportunity to be fairly compensated for their live performances, regardless of the size of the venue.”

The platform provides members with a list of all ASCAP OnStage performances of their registered works.

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