THR Hosts a Star-Studded Screening for 'The Oranges' in New York

The event, thrown with Samsung Galaxy S III and The Cinema Society, featured Leighton Meester, Hugh Laurie, Adam Brody, Dave Matthews and many more.

For a film about the humdrum New Jersey suburbs, The Oranges certainly was received with stylish urban celebration.

The Hollywood Reporter, along with Samsung Galaxy S III and The Cinema Society, hosted a screening and afterparty for the new twisted family comedy on Friday, inviting the film's stars as well as many other big names to participate in the festivities. At the Tribeca Grande, director Julian Farino (making his feature debut) introduced with pride his impressive cast, who fit like quirky puzzle pieces into a story about a pair of close families and a May-December romance that throws their lives awry.

Leighton Meester, who stars as the adventurous Nina Ostroff, made it from the set of Gossip Girl just in time to join her co-stars, which included Allison Janney and Oliver Platt (who play her parents); Hugh Laurie (who plays her parents' best friend -- and her lover); Adam Brody and Alia Shawkat, who play Laurie's kids; and Sam Rosen, who plays her ex, Ethan.

The very premise killed with the audience, its awkward and morally questionable baseline rendered more funny than sinister by director Julian Farino's sympathetic vision for the characters. Brody's character has a serious crush on Meester's before he finds out about his dad's affair; asked what he would do if that happened in real life, he joked, "I'd probably hook up with my mom, show him how it feels."

After the audience took in the 90 minute film and gorged on the selection of movie theater snacks that might give Mayor Bloomberg a stroke, the group made its way a few blocks north, to the rooftop bar at the James Hotel. If the Tribeca screening was a clash with the suburban film setting, the hotel bar -- with its view of the Hudson to the east and the illuminated red, white, and blue Freedom Tower to the south, was an entire world away.

The cast, as well as guests such as Dave Matthews and Michael Stipe, enjoyed the bountiful liquor and appetizers -- as well as the desserts, including mini ice cream sandwiches -- as they looked over the south of Manhattan, cameras flashing at both the celebrity and breathtaking urban monuments. The party lasted well past midnight, as a mix of 80's alt-rock and dance hits blared, and the city's lights glittered in the center pool, just across from a long stretch of couches where the stars exclusively lounged.

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