Nielsen Launching Service to Track Twitter Posts About TV Shows

Nielsen is planning to introduce its new service that tracks Twitter posts about TV series on Monday.

The company is set to debut Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings, which aims to measure all Twitter activity about television and its influence on how many people watch a particular show, The New York Times reported.

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For example, Nielsen provided data showing that there were 225,000 tweets about the Sept. 26 episode of Grey’s Anatomy, but those were seen by 2.8 million different Twitter accounts.

Nielsen previously announced its plans to track such data but had not revealed a launch date for the service.

The announcement follows on the heels of Nielsen's acquisition in November of analytics company SocialGuide. According to The Times, Nielsen purchased that company in part to create its new Twitter measurement service.

"We feel this is going to be a credibility-building moment for the industry," SocialGuide chief executive Andrew Somosi told The Times.

The product will measure what Nielsen refers to as the "unique audience" for tweets about TV, which will help give a clearer picture about a phenomenon that has been dubbed "social TV." The service will not only tracks tweets about TV shows but also the impact on other Twitter users.

"The full iceberg is the extent to which people are seeing those tweets," Somosi said.

Nielsen declined to divulge any clients for the new service. In a press release, only two media -- Discovery Communications and the ad buyers Universal McCann -- were quoted.

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