Nir Rosen Steps Down From London School of Economics Post


LONDON -- Nir Rosen, the NYU fellow who was forced to resign after controversial Tweets joking about the attack on CBS correspondent Lara Logan, has stepped down from a visiting role at the London School of Economics after just two days.

The University -- which itself recently faced controversy for accepting large financial loans from Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi-- declined to say whether the decision was related to the comments about Logan, but a spokesman said that the university had condemned the remarks.

"Nir Rosen resigned his temporary visiting fellowship at LSE, which was an unpaid position," a spokeswoman said. "The LSE has already made it clear that it condemns the offensive comments he made about Lara Logan and others.

In comments posted on Twitter last month following what CBS described as a sustained and brutal sexual attack on Logan in Egypt's Tahrir Square, Rosen joked that Logan was "probably just groped" "had to outdo Anderson Cooper" and called the CBS News chief foreign correspondent "a major war monger."

"Jesus Christ, at a moment when she is going to become a martyr and glorified we should at least remember her role as a major war monger," he Tweeted.

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