One Day's Anne Hathaway: People Didn't Think I Could 'Pull Off' British Accent (Video)

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Anne Hathway was under a lot of pressure from fans while filming the big-screen adaptation of David Nicholls' book, One Day.

"I've had people come up to me who have seen it actually and they say, 'I didn't think you could pull it off.' And people feel inclined to tell me that they really had no faith in me whatsoever," jokes Hathaway, who speaks in a British accent in the movie, which hits theaters Friday.

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"So far, it's ended with a, 'But you surprised me, and I really enjoyed your performance.' But I'm just waiting for that person to come up and say, 'Well I knew you couldn't do it,'" adds Hathaway in an interview with MTV News.

She says she "felt so much pressure" around London because the book is bright orange, and she constantly saw people reading it on the Tube or in bookstores.

"At night, it kind of lights the streets of London," quips her co-star Jim Sturgess.

Hathaway also revealed that she prefers movie romances to end with tears.

"If something's happily ever after, yay, you're happy for them, but what else do you feel about it? When something rips your guts out, you're more inclined to remember it," she said.

Hathaway is currently filming her role as Catwoman in The Dark Knight, which will be released in 2012.

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