Original 'Superman' Co-Star Interrupts 'Man of Steel' Conversation in Movie Theater Restroom

Terence Stamp.
Terence Stamp.

Terence Stamp, who played General Zod in "Superman" (1978) and "Superman II" (1980), was washing up before a Q&A for his new indie "Unfinished Song."

On Saturday evening, prior to participating in a Q&A after a screening of Unfinished Song at the Landmark Theatre, the indie film's star Terence Stamp -- who is perhaps most widely known for his performance as the evil General Zod in Richard Donner's Superman (1978) and Superman II (1980) -- had a funny encounter in the men's restroom.

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Stamp's description of what happened during the Q&A, which was moderated by THR's Scott Feinberg, had Feinberg and the packed house howling with laughter:

"I spent an hour and a half driving down here from Ojai, and the first thing I wanted to do when I got out was take a leak. I go into the men's bathroom and there's a whole load of guys -- obviously, Man of Steel [the Superman reboot] had just turned out. So I take a pee, and I start washing my hands, and there's about 10 or 12 guys there, and they're talking about Man of Steel. And one says, 'Well, I don't know. If they'd have, like, peeled the buildings off the screen I wouldn't have been surprised, you know?' Another says, 'It was all so loud.' Then the guy down at the other end, who was only a little guy, said, 'Yeah, yeah!' And he said, 'It really wasn't as good as the first one, was it?' And I just couldn't resist, and I said, 'You're a very discerning man.' And as soon as they heard the voice they said, [screaming in shock] 'Oh my God! It's General Zod!' I swear to God, it just happened!"

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