'Osama Bin Laden Is Dead' Facebook Page Goes Viral

 AFP/Getty Images

A Facebook page called "Osama Bin Laden Is Dead" went viral in the hours after President Barack Obama announced his death.

More than 307,000 people joined the group less than 12 hours after the news was revealed.

"It's official now, I just saw Osama Bin Laden's status and he has "checked in" to Hell," wrote member Wendy Tuttle on the group's wall.

Heather Zinninger Cummins zinged, "Osama Bin Laden changed his name to Osama Bin Gotten!"

Many people wrote passionate messages about his role in 9/11 and other bombings.

"I only wish we could bring him back to life so we can kill him again for every person he killed," Matthew Mustain wrote.

"They should have shot him 3,000 + times for each victim in 9/11 then said... LET FREEDOM RING! " added Hope Rabideau.

Some people warned not to get too happy about Bin Laden's death.

"You do realize that this is NOT over by a long shot..there's gonna be a retaliation! lets pray that it dosn't come to that though!" Kenneth Johnson wrote.

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