Oscar Winner Colin Firth Looking for Comedic Roles

 Jason Merritt/Getty Images


LONDON -- Oscar winner Colin Firth has had enough of heavyweight serious roles and wants to focus on comedy, the actor said Monday.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4's morning news show Todayhours after winning the Best Actor Oscar for The King's Speech, Firth said he wanted a change.

"I want to do comedy. I think gravitas is hugely over-rated," he said.

"I just would like to do something that amuses me now -- change the pace [and] change the tone."

Firth, who has played comic roles in box-office hits like the St Trinians and Bridget Jones franchises, has stuck to serious roles in recent years, playing a grief-stricken gay lover in Tom Ford's A Single Man -- for which he was also Oscar-nominated -- and as bisexual double-agent in the yet-to-be released movie version of Cold War espionage drama Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

Speaking about his Oscar win, Firth said the experience was one he was still getting used to.

"It feels odd to be congratulated for something you had so much fun with," he said, adding that going up the podium had been tricky experience.

"It's shockingly disconcerting to hear your name called out," he said.

"It's partly emotion, but it is also nerves as much as anything after months and months of build-up. I did realize, when I got up there why when some people completely fall apart. You're reeling backwards through space and people don't really want to see that so you have to do your best to do your job with as much grace as possible."

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