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'Paranormal Activity,’ ‘True Blood’ Stars Reveal Their Favorite Scary Flicks

See which films made it onto the list.

They play vampires and shapeshifters in some of today’s hottest films and TV shows. But what scares the casts of Paranormal Activity 2, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries and Twilight? The Hollywood Reporter checked in with the stars and learned what still gives them the creeps.
A weekend atop the box office doesn’t scare Paranormal Activity 2’s Katie Featherston, but a little 1992 film starring Virginia Madsen does.
Candyman from when I was in junior high, it’s terrifying. That was my favorite,” Featherston said.  
Co-star Micah Sloat, meanwhile, says his ultimate scary movie is 1973’s The Exorcist.
“I’m terrified of possession -- anything that involves demons taking over people from the inside because you can’t fight that,” Sloat said. “If it’s a zombie or a vampire, you can fight that. But you can’t fight it when it’s inside you.”
For True Blood'Rutina Wesley, her fear of spiders is nothing compared to being on set this past season.
“It was scary being on set with some of the animals,” said Wesley, who noted that ArachnophobiaFriday the 13th and Psycho gave her the creeps. “They were gentle as can be but just the fact that you’re on with hybrid wolves is a little scary.”
But what gives Wesley’s co-star Sam Trammell nightmares?  
“Something like Paranormal I haven’t even seen the end of,” Trammell said. “That kind of thing is really scary so I watch it in pieces. I love Dario Argento. The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre is still horrifying to me because it’s so faux-documentary, it’s so scrappy, it’s horrifying.”
True Blood actress Kristin Bauer’s fears are slightly more realistic.
“When I had the fight scene with Stephen Moyer [Bill] I really just had to go for it and snarl and make guttural sounds that felt so ridiculous,” she said. “Every time they said cut, I said, “Really? Do I look ridiculous?’ That was the scariest day. Stephen helped me through it.”
Nina Dobrev, who plays two characters on The Vampire Diaries, says that’s nothing compared to her fear of blood.
“Ironically enough, I’m very squeamish when it comes to blood,” said Dobrev, who noted that The Ring and the Saw movies “terrify” her. “Even on set, there was a scene I had to do where I cut my wrist on camera and it took every little bit of energy and strength that I had because your veins are so exposed. Every person is so fragile and it’s so easy to get hurt, it just freaks me out.”
Her Vampire Diaries co-star Ian Somerhalder agrees with Featherston on Candyman.
“I don’t watch that much scary stuff now, but when I was a kid the Freddy Krueger movies and Candyman used to scare the s*** out of me,” he said. “We’re adults now and it still holds up.”
For Twilight actor Jackson Rathbone, Poltergeist gave him nightmares.
“The original Poltergeist freaked me out,” he said. “My older sisters forced me to watch it and I had nightmares … I still have nightmares. That movie freaked me out a lot as a kid. I’m excited about Paranormal Activity 2, and I’m a huge zombie fanatic. I grew up on the George A. Romero boxed set. Night of the Living DeadDawn of the DeadDay of the Dead, those are real good, amazing movies; not only are they scary but they’re socially relevant. It’s a satire to a certain degree.”
What movies scare you?