Jerry Sandusky's Interview With Bob Costas: What Hollywood, Viewers Are Saying

Bob Costas, left, and Jerry Sandusky
Bob Costas, left, and Jerry Sandusky
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Indianapolis Colts defensive end Robert Mathis
Sandusky said he's innocent but "horsed around, touched legs&showered with lil boys" Put him n the shower with Prison OGs &see what happens!

Erica Renee Davis
Conrad Murray conviction, Penn State scandal, Kim K's sham marriage. Oprah has gotta be thinking, "Season 26 would've been brilliant!"

Tammy Riggins
Jerry Sandusky has ousted Casey Anthony as the most hated person in America.

Russell Shepard
Jerry the nastiest and worse thing walking this earth...

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Sterling McGarvey
I think I want to stab Jerry Sandusky myself. Note that Bob Costas' left eye was twitching in fury.

Diane Shugart
Understatement of the decade: "Jerry Sandusky: 'I shouldn't have showered with those kids'."

Renaud L. Notaro
Let me get this straight #Sandusky admits to showering w young boys and touching their thighs...well in that case #PennState

Ryan Hayes
The look on Bob Costas' face during the Jerry Sandusky interview was one like I've never seen in a sports related interview...

Ariez Dustoor
Seriously?? Hope they put this guy away for a long long time

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Dont Hit Me
Innocent until proven guilty...or until you say some really creepy stuff to Bob Costas on a phone call to NBC #Sandusky

Brian Reid
Sandusky sounding like the old perv from family guy

Molly Knight
Bob Costas just landed a quadruple axel. Just brilliant with Sandusky. Such a difficult interview on so many levels..

Rick Eddington
Watching Sandusky his words make me think of Michael Jackson's in the Bashir interviews. I kept waiting for the word "charming" to pop up.

Emily Maxwell
BARF! this sandusky interview is literally making me sick "i have done some of those things, showered with them, touched their leg".......

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Mr. Reese
Jerry Sandusky should have NEVER did an interview! Dude sounds extra creepy!

Mariela Hidalgo
Watched Bob Costas interview Jerry Sandusky. I'm so tripped out. How can someone deny such obviously truthful accusations. Dude needs help

Austin Fax
Society has apparently enabled it... Bob Costas will be the judge, jury and executioner for Sandusky, legal process be damned.

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