Peter Hook Shocked New Order Reunited Without Him

 Chris Jackson/Getty Images

LONDON - They were the definitive eighties dance band with the classic hit "Blue Monday." But New Order's decision to re-form for a handful of European benefit gigs has taken their former bassist by surprise.

The band is due to perform in Brussels on Oct. 17 and Paris on Oct. 18 in with a lineup including Stephen Morris and Bernard Sumner, but without their original bass player, Peter Hook, who left in 2007.

In a statement he left fans in no doubt about his surprise.

"I first I heard about this on Monday and it has taken me completely by surprise! Everyone knows that New Order without Peter Hook is like Queen without Freddie Mercury, U2 without The Edge, Sooty without Sweep!"

And he went on to say the exclusion had made him "very sad."

"On a more serious note, I do not understand the decision the other three have taken. I wish they had approached me first. I do not agree with the methods they have used and feel it would have been courteous and professional to have spoken to me in advance of the announcements. It is very sad.''

The two gigs will be the band's first live performance since 2005, but it is not clear whether they anticipate any more gigs beyond the two charity events scheduled for next month.

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