Pixar Opens Selection of Shanghai Shorts Showcase to Public Vote

"Monsters University."
"Monsters University."

The animation studio has called on Chinese internet users to choose short films to be included in a program at the Shanghai International Film Festival next month.

HONG KONG – In what could be seen as a promotional push for Monsters University’s release in mainland China, Pixar has called on Chinese film buffs to vote for the shorts to be included in a program at the Shanghai International Film Festival next month.

In an announcement on its official account on Weibo – the Chinese version of Twitter – Pixar has pledged to heed the wishes of the vote hosted on their portal.

The studio has listed 15 shorts for selection, ranging from early works such as Luxo Jr. (the 1986 piece about the small desk lamp which would eventually become Pixar’s logo) to The Blue Umbrella (which will be shown before Monsters University).

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Also up for the vote are other theatrical shorts such as For the Birds (which came with Monsters, Inc.), One Man Band (Cars) and Partly Cloudy (Up), as well as shorts previously released on DVDs such as Mike’s New Car (Monsters, Inc.), Jack-Jack Attack (The Incredibles) and the Toy Story spin-off Hawaiian Vacation (released on the Cars 2 DVD).

The exercise is expected to build up hype for Pixar’s canon in the run-up to the release of Monsters University, with the film expected to open during or after the Shanghai festival, China’s only acknowledged A-list showcase which runs from June 15 to 23 this year.

Unlike in other territories, Pixar feature films have been released in China without the studio’s trademark curtain-raising shorts.


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